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We strive to be as transparent and informative so all of our clients know exactly what is involved when our clients work with Creative Digital Marketing. This includes clear and concise understandable contract terms, Copyright information, Trade Dress, Reproduction Rights, cancellation policies and anything else that is involved. Basic information is below, whereas more detailed information is available when we contract with our clients.

Cancellation Policies.

What we do is unique in the sense that our product is your product. And, most of our products are not a tangible goods, but our services are our goods. That makes our time our product. When cancellations occur, we can never get that time back. Unlike a product that can be sold to someone else, time cannot. We maintain a VERY stringent cancellation policy. That is why in most cases we require 100% payment in advance. This is to our time, and therefore our product. In the case where we do allow a deposit and a client "cancels", we will require the percentage done at time of cancellation. For example. If a client asks us to complete a logo design and we agree to a $500.00 design fee, and we are at 40% completion at cancellation, the client will be billed $200.00 for the time regardless. We do not release full versions of any design until 100% payment has been completed. This protects us from losing our time involved in product creation.


Creative Digital Marketing maintains and never releases any copyrights to any design work done. We own the copyrights on all logo designs, web designs, etc. Furthermore, we never sell our copyrights. All clients are given reproduction rights, but we own the copyright. This protects both CDM and our clients.

More to come...

“I'm a testimonial. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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