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Logo Design

Logo Design is in itself Branding. Your business image in a nutshell. Over time, your logo becomes recognizable and people don't have to read a thing to know it's your business. Below are a couple logo designs that may just be recognizable... 

We use many different elements to design a logo. Color, Font, Design are key when creating a design. Most Logo designs fall into the Singular category and pricing starts at $500.00. 

Web Design


Designing a website is more than just cut and paste. Don't let hosting companies fool you. Yes, anyone can design a site with cut and paste, but why take your time designing a website when you can have a professional do it for you. You still have control, but figuring out how things work correctly can lead to more frustration than it is worth. Plus, you are handcuffed to what different hosting companies give you. We handle web differently. When it comes to your site, we don't rake you over the coals. Your time is better spent on your business, not on figuring out how to add a link or get your Facebook feed to show on your page. Do what you do best, your business, and let us take care of your site. The starting price for developing your website starts at $400.00. If your site is more complex, for example, adding e-commerce, the price adjusts. Moreover, taking advantage of hiring us to maintain your site is money well spent...

Video & Presentation Design

Designing stunning video presentations is more fun than it is work. Let us tackle your YouTube video or maybe you want a 10 minute business presentation. We have the tools to make your business not only look like Spielberg produced your video, but we know what it takes to showcase your business. Pricing for video and presentation production starts at $750.00.

Social Media Management & Design

We all do it! That's right, we spend way too much time on SM. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Social Media is a GREAT tool for your business. However, just because you can "go live" doesn't mean you actually know how to fully take advantage of what SM offers businesses. Let our team of SM experts take your business to the next level. From targeted campaigns to pixel ads, we will make your social experience a success. Pricing for Social Media management is done on Retainer and starts at $250 per month...

Print Media Campaigns

Whether you are a real estate agent or running a political campaign, let me be the first to tell you that Print is far from dead! Print Media Campaigns start at $125.00 per piece. 

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