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How we make your project a reality...

Whether you run your own business or are just looking to do something personally, we take our pricing very seriously. It is because of this that we rarely work on an hourly basis. This is because product creation based on an hourly rate can become vague and misleading when it comes to cost. Instead, we look at each project individually from several different perspectives. What is our client's budget? What does our client need? How soon do they need it? Most importantly, how can we design product(s) that are precisely what our clients envision without knowing the exact number of hours it will take can cause concern.


Whether it's a $50.00 banner ad for Facebook or a $10K website, we don't let time get in our way. It is our job to create stunning products, but not our job to count the seconds it takes to complete those products. If it's worth doing correctly, it shouldn't matter how long it takes to do it!


All of our clients will receive customized, understandable proposals so they can anticipate exactly what they will be getting. We then, keep it simple. We don't look at a project based on how much we can make. We look at it based on how much of a difference we can make when accurately portraying our clients' images.  

When it comes to pricing, we do one of two things, either Individual or Retainer. Individual pricing is based on singular projects. Retainers are based on projects with more than one level. That's how simple it is. When you are ready to get started, let us know and we will build a custom proposal for your design needs...

How it works?

The first thing we will do when it comes to determining a price is to get an idea of the complexity. Once determined, we will give an estimated cost to complete. Below are a some examples of how things price out. 

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