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Current Projects

Of course we have paying clients but they need something to look at as well! The Creative Digital Marketing website is currently in production. Everything you will want to know about us will soon be live and on the web. The Facebook page has been active for a time now and is ever expanding. If you really want to know what we do, make sure to check us out... 

Creative Digital Marketing is proud to be handling all the digital and print media for the Political Campaign for Cami Bremer, County Commissioner, District 5. This includes; Logo, all print media, handouts, web presence and social media. 

Creative Digital Marketing is also working with Karl Schneider, campaigning for House District 15. Karl is a retired Special Forces officer and all around great guy! We are managing his web presence, social media, Logo design, and all digital and print flyers and mailers. 

Orly's Art Gallery & Custom Framing, Home Concepts Roofing, and much more...

CDM is currently working with several other local and outside businesses to design websites, social media pages, and other custom graphic jobs. We will announce them here to showcase the work. 

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